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Statutory And Taxation Course

Pursuing a Taxation course in Hyderabad is an excellent career move for aspiring tax professionals seeking a guided route to success. As a leading taxation practitioner program, it offers unparalleled industry knowledge, empowering students to master all facets of taxation upon completion.

If you are seeking top-notch tax training in Hyderabad, you have found the ideal spot! Our taxation program will equip you with the skills needed to tackle any challenges that a tax professional may encounter. The expertise you gain will benefit you as you advance in your tax career. Enrolling in this leading online taxation course will provide you with a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive approach to teaching taxation ensures that you receive thorough preparation to excel as a tax professional.


Part A – Taxation

-> Direct Tax- Income tax and TDS
-> Provisions, Rules, calculations and Return filings

Indirect Tax- GST

-> Provisions, Rules, calculations and Return filings

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-> Course fee is inclusive of all the required materials
-> Duration would be 45 days @ 2 hours per day  all working days (Mon- Fri)


1. Limited strength per batch not exceeding 15 students

2. Concentrating all the students

3. Experiencing original applications

4. Thorough understanding of practical approach

      12,000 /- Only